During dry season you can find many small mammals around small waterholes these are pictures from Phu Khieo Wildlife Sanctuary.


DSC_7992 (800x510) - Copy

This is a Back-striped Weasel.

DSC_8367 (800x533)

Actually seeing a Back-striped Weasel is a highlight as they are very rare in Thailand.

DSC_8291 (1280x853)


DSC_8049 (1280x854)

A Northern Tree-shrew is coming for a drink.

DSC_8041 (1280x854)

A shy Himalayan striped Tree-squirrel.

DSC_8023 (1280x908)

Indo-Chinese Ground-squirrel checking out the waterhole.

DSC_8021 (1280x883)


DSC_7772 (1280x854)

And finally a Greater Mouse-deer has a look.