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There are about 250 wild elephants in Phu Khieow Wildlife Sanctuary.

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They are part of a larger population of about 350 elephants migrating between Phu Khieow, Nam Nao National Park

and Tat Mok National Park.

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Only few incidents of human elephant conflict happen in Phu Khieo ,

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but there is an elephant poaching problem.

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according to official numbers about 3 bulls are killed every year for their tasks.

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This is a serious problem, as it isot sustainable and in fact, large bulls are rarely seen.

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In April I saw a number of herds including 2 females in heat, but no big bull turned up, so mating was

with young bulls of 15- 20 years of age.

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during my stay 1 elephant bull was killed for the tusks. he was only about 10 years old! Fortunately,


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