The real story!



On january 19. evening a big elephant bull in musth turned up at Lamtakong campsite in Khao Yai

National Park. He was looking for bamboo to eat. On his way around the camping area he removed

a few tents in his way. Real trouble only started when people from the Iranian Embassy threw bottles

and other things at him, he retaliated by smashing their car and another car nearby.

On january 20. he returned, eating bamboo, jackfruit and garbage, another car parked in front of a

bamboo was damaged an a number of tents was removed.

on monday the 21. he was back for the third time, doing more of the same, eating bamboo, garbage

from the garbage containers and jackfruit; no cars were damaged.

People were never in danger, as Khao Yai parkrangers moved them to safe areas.